Brave Crypto Wallet for dummies :p

I am kind of new to crypto, the exchanges, sending/receiving/buying, etc…I am having a tough time figuring out how to receive/send cryptocurrencies. I am mostly use to using BTC so that might be the issue. Is there a super simple step by step on how to set everything up? I am looking for something easy to use like Exodus, Coinbase, etc…is this possible or is this for more advanced users and those familar with Etherum.

Ultimately, I’d like to send my Bitcoin to my Brave Wallet but atm I can’t figure that out.

Thank you for reaching out.
We have steps to setup a new Brave wallet here:

Once your wallet is setup, you can send crypto assets to the wallet from wherever they are held. The address you’ll need to send them to can be found by clicking on the Accounts tab, then clicking on the address under the account name (this copies the address to the clipboard, you can view the full address by clicking on the account itself, then clicking on the “pencil” icon on the right-hand side).


Ah! That was pretty much the main thing I needed (the account tab & crypto address. Thank you, I might be good to go now!

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You’re welcome. I would recommend sending a small amount of Crypto initially to ensure you understand the process and that it goes through correctly.

OMG, I apologize on the post. What I really meant is how to send/receive the crypto so creating the wallet was a cinch. Sorry about that. But the tip on the sending address was very helpful! I’ll edit my post. Thanks again!

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Please note that Bitcoin is not supported yet though. Make sure to only send to an address that is compatible.

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Oh, I see. I am glad you mentioned that. I guess I need to first read up on what’s possible as far as sending. My only experience so far is with BTC and SOL. Does it support SOL yet? And also, where in the docs can I read about what’s currently supported as far as crypto? I am sure it’s right in front of me but I am already so overloaded with info each day it’s just too much sometimes to search…haha…no kidding…I’ll make sure I read over carefully before sending anything.

Totally unfamiliar with Ethereum so in my spare time I’ll try and look into it.,

Thanks for your help

We currently support Ethereum and any EVM compatible chain can also be added.
Solana is coming in the first half of 2022.

Hi I’m new on brave and when I install brave I setup gemini wallet and I sync my mobile phone with brave and than mobile phone says just uphold wallet. Now I want to change my deskop brave gemini wallet to uphold wallet.
When I open wallet on my phone uphold opening but When I open on my deskop gemini opening and I want to change gemini to uphold. Who can Help me ??

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