Now I own coins but can send?

I opened a Brave wallet and bought some coins. The coins went into the BAT account but now it won’t let me send the coins to pay the bill I need to pay with those coins

Be precise. From where did you buy the BAT tokens. Did you use the Wyre third party and bought it Stripe card payment?

Where are the coins currently? In the new self custody brave wallet or the gemini/uphold wallet or in the unverified wallets (unlikely).

Where do you want to send the coins? And what bills?

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Yes got them from Wyre using a credit/debit card. I followed what ever links came up using Brave wallet on my laptop. I have ETH and BAT. I thought I was in the ETH when I purchased the coins but they are in the BAT account. I’m assuming I own the account but I’m lost.

To move those coins you will need some Eth to pay for the gas fees. You got caught into a limbo.

Those BAT will not move for free.

Well step by direction will help. I left myself a little more than I needed to cover the fees. Well unless they are crazy lol

@Aman_M (can you do it?)

You are in crazy ride. Is this your first time doing it? Eth fees are really crazy high.

@whatthe Like chh_68 has pointed out, you would need Ethereum in addition to BAT to withdraw/send. In wallet you just need to enter the amount you wish to send, enter destination address in “To” and click “Send”. Do you see any error when you do this?

Everything is to be entered here in Brave wallet-

Yep 1st time after 2 years of trying to get this far. lol

My BAT says $190 and $0.0 in the ETH. I needed to send $180. Now the deal I had Passed so I either write this off for Now and find another way to buy what i need or add a lot more more and pay the new price with Bitcoins if I figure it out.

The zero balance in ETH is the issue. Current fee to send is ~$10 in ETH. You would need atleast that.

Ok I can spend the $10. But have no clue how

Just need to know how to do it

You will need to watch few youtube videos. It seems you forgot a lot in these 2 years.

Truth be told, you started it wrong in the first place. Should have never bought BAT on ethererum chain on a non-custodial wallet like Brave wallet(or metamask, exodus or any other). Since you wanted it to send to some other wallet to pay for a service.

The appropraie thing, would be to buy BCH, LTC, XLM, XRP, XMR on a custodial wallet like a centralized exchange (binance, gemini) and send these cheap coins to the servce wallet.

1.) You can buy ETH on a centralized exchange. Send that ETH to the brave wallet. Then send the BAT (with the help of eth) to a centralized exchange. On the centralized exchange convert the BAT to the cheaper coins and then send the cheaper coins to wherever you want.

2.) Buy 10$ ETH via Wyre from the brave wallet, the same way you bought BAT. Use the newly bought ETH (from wyre-brave wallet) to pay for the BAT transfer gas fees. Send these BAT to a centralized exchnage and follow the same above steps.

3.) Or convert the BAT and wrap it on anothe chain like Binance smart chain. Send these wrapped BAt (or any other coin from a different chain like BNB from BSC inside the brave wallet) to a centalized exchange. To convert the BAT to another coin on another chain or wrap it on another chain, again you will need ETH. This ETH can be filled inside brave wallet via step 1 or step 2.

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chh_68 has got it covered. Only that 3rd option would be a lot more expensive (2 transactions with gas fee on different chains per wrap) and could be avoided just to transfer BAT.

Also $10 in ETH is just an estimate of gas fee which varies in real time and can be tracked here- and look for “ERC-20 transfer” under Action (~$15 currently).

I think I’ve intensionally blocked things out because of the way Sites treated me when they rejected my applications years ago. I couldn’t get past the verification. My guess was they didn’t like the fact my state drivers license only had a barcode on the back side. All the sites refused to tell me why I was rejected (policy) and was told I could Never re-apply after a rejection. I was livid with all of them.
But anyway they sure don’t make it easy. Why does Brave send me to Wyre to buy the coins if it’s useless and now that I own some coins it tells me to use Uphold or Gemini as a wallet and that’s what I thought Brave Wallet was.? It’s like everybody gets a cut. lol

There are some exchanges, p2p marketplaces, defi protocols which lets you trade without kyc.

Brave wallet is good, no doubt about it. The thing you did wrong here is to buy a etherum token on a etherum chain on a non-custodail wallet to send to another wallet. It has nothing to do with brave wallet.

The BAT you currently possess is with the new brave wallet. The BAT which interacts with uphold/gemini has nothing to do with the BAT you possess. Both are different typed of BAT. You can use you BAT which you currently have inisde brave wallet (which will need eth gas fees). But you cannot interact that BAT currently with the uphold/gemini/brave-rewards-program, which hands out free* BAT per month by brave software international

Conclusion : Ethereum sucks!

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Now I’m really confused. lol
I could make millions if I could simplify the entire process. lol

Recommend a centralized exchange that you are familiar with using so if I have questions

I have both (binance, gemini)