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I don’t know where to take this, but this was the only place I could find.

So I bought some BAT in the brave wallet(beta) and a day later I got charged twice the amount, but only received the original amount I bought. When I was in the check out it read I’d be charge something like $16 something(close to $17) for 15 BAT but looking at my bank account I was charged $32.91… Why was this? And how do I go about getting this corrected?

I didn’t agree to the amount I was charged.

@SethZer0 Not sure if they can or will give you a refund. It seems like perhaps you just didn’t pay attention or just are regretting your decision. Check out screenshot below, it’s what you’re presented when you go to buy it and it breaks down the cost.

So there’s the amount of currency you buy, the transaction fee, and then the “Network Fee” here. And the prices are ever changing, for example…minutes after I did the screenshot below I attempted again and the price was slightly different and closer to what you shared.

Is Brave Wallet free? Are there transaction gas fees?

  • Yes, Brave Wallet is completely free to use. However, transactions (like sends or swaps) will require gas fees, and swaps may also include an additional transaction fee. These fees will be similar to—or the same as—other crypto wallets.

If that’s the case then it’s on me for not seeing that and I’m fine with it then. Thank you for pointing that out.

All good. Obviously from my screenshots, I decided to go back and verify before answering. There’s a lot to learn when diving into cryptocurrency. It’s definitely confusing. If you haven’t spent much time learning about transaction fees, gas fees, etc I would suggest you take time to look into a bit before putting more money in.

A lot of times, instead of just doing a currency exchange, they treat cash purchases as if you’re paying others to mine the currency for you. I may not even be saying that with 100% accuracy but it’s something along those lines. It’s honestly too much of a headache for me so I tend not to do it. Of course, it was made easier for me because my bank won’t let me buy cryptocurrency.

I know a lot of banks had limitations on buying cryptocurrency. Like I tried to buy various types last year and the bank blocked all charges. When I contacted them, they said no cryptocurrency is allowed. I guess there’s articles about it from a few years ago as well.

That said, things always change. There are some current articles I just saw that said WF is now allowing Coinbase and other places. So I don’t know…still too annoying to worry about, lol.

Oh I came from the cronos network where gas fee’s are cheap. Lol didn’t even think about that part to be honest. Also found out today I put that 15 BAT in the wrong wallet. Lol

Some banks will here some won’t. Most the time they send a message asking if the charge is real or not.

Just out of curiosity how do you buy crypto then? Wire it?

I haven’t been able to buy any. Essentially what I’ve done here in the past was convert BAT to other crypto like BTC. I’ve not ever had any charges doing that within Uphold yet, at least none that I’ve been able to recognize. Then I ended up converting that to cash and into my bank.

That said, I’ve always done small amounts. Like $5-100 per transaction. So not like I’ve done anything fantastic. Originally I just did Brave for the adblock and when I heard could get cash, really joined in because I was homeless at the time. The $5+ each month from BAT was a huge deal for me. Combined that with apps for fast food restaurants which gave free food with purchase of $1 or more, it at least made some days good.

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I think you want to contact Wyre support. Brave doesn’t sell BAT nor other cyrptocurrencies. We do link to to be able to buy it there though. Other options coming later.

Hi Guys,
I sent some ETH to brave wallet and then swap it for BAT the confirmation box got pop up and I press the confirm button but nothing happened and try more and after that I realized there didn’t any sufficient ETH remain so after a while I checked that there is no BAT in my wallet and my eth has been spent I went to my history and see my submitted transactions and I close them but after I think 3-4 hours neither my ETH comes back to my wallet nor my BAT got added so I don’t know what has happened to my asset. the only thing I think of is that my ETH has been spent for rejected transaction am I right?

I’d need to see a transaction hash to look into it more.
Does the block explorer show that the transaction was processed but that there was an error?

Note that on swaps there are 2 transactions, one for approval for the swap contract to spend the swapping asset, and the other for the actual swap.

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