Can't edit bookmark by clicking on "Edit Bookmark" button

Description of the issue:

Can’t edit bookmark by clicking on the bookmark button. Clicking the “Edit Bookmark” button just deletes the bookmark.

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Save a page as a bookmark OR go to a page you already have saved as a bookmark
  2. Click the filled in bookmark button and you’ll see that the bookmark has been deleted instead of taking you to the edit screen

Expected result:

Clicking on the bookmark button should allow you to actually edit the bookmark.

Brave Version:


Mobile Device details

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Did you mean this icon?

Then it’s expected as the behavior was changed per

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Yeah that’s the icon I mean. Why was it changed? Can you maybe add a flag for us to change it back?

Feel free to open a feature request here #brave-feature-requests:android-requests :nerd_face:

It’s explained in the link above. (Some) users expect the button to bookmark/unbookmark.

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