Make bookmark navigation more convenient (Android)

Description of the issue:
Never used Brave before. Just installed on Android. I am confused by the “Bookmark” feature in Brave (2nd icon from left in bottom toolbar). The bookmark icon allows only to add/edit a bookmark.

However to navigate to a website from existing bookmarks, there is no icon to select bookmarks. So far, all I can see is to tap the 3 dot menu, select “Bookmarks” the the bookmark screen shows up.

Feature Request

Make the bookmark navigation more user friendly. In practice I suppose we navigate to bookmarks way more often than we add/edit bookmark. I propose

  • The current bookmark icon in the bottom toolbar is use to open bookmarks

  • To bookmark a site (add/edit) bookmark. Add a “star” icon on the address bar directly, maybe of the left side of the URL text. If the site is already bookmarked, that star icon will be filled in yellow. If not, the star is hollow. Tap on this star will open the add/edit bookmark dialog.

This is what is done in Samsung Internet browser. In Chrome, it’s almost the same. (add/edit bookmark and navigate to bookmarks are 2 different icons).

Hope that makes sense.

Brave Version( check About Brave):
Brave 1.36.112

Mobile Device details
Pixel3, Android 11, build RQ3A.211001.001

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I’m hoping they make import of bookmarks from chrome soon. I really want to give Brave a try but have too much invested unfortunately in chrome if it’s not happening.

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