Bookmark "add/remove" button should change with "show bookmarks" button with this UI

These are bottom buttons of Brave Mobile browser app.

Second button is “bookmark add/remove” button and I wonder who keeps adding and removing websites on their browser so much so you need designeated add/remove button right next to the “Home” and “Search” button? What we use the most is our bookmarks, not the “add/remove” option.

When you add a bookmark with that button; it automaticly adds the website to “Mobile Bookmarks Folder” which is the only folder unless you create new folders for organizing your bookmarks. To find and use your bookmarks, you have to push “…”, select “Bookmarks” then “Mobile bookmarks folder” and select the bookmark/website you want to enter.

The other way of using your bookmarks is to “push/hold” the Bookmark button, it pop-up a window and asks if you want to “Add bookmark” or “Show bookmarks”, select “Show bookmarks” then select “Mobile bookmarks folder” and there you select the bookmark/website you want to enter.

Another lacking feature is that you can’t add your bookmarks to “Home” screen of Brave mobile browser. Which renders the home button useless.

This bookmark feature is so inconvenient to use, I don’t even want to close my tabs but just use “tabs screen” like bookmarks.

How it should be?
When you press the bookmark button, it should open a window with your bookmarks, icons and folders in it. And if you push/hold down bookmark button, only then it should ask “add/remove” option.

And this is how it should be; if you do this, I believe you can get tons of positive feedback from every user, platform, people, news media and indie reviews in the future.

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