Feature request - App setting to make bookmark icon bring up bookmarks list instead of bookmark a page

As a user of your app, I’d like to easily access my bookmarks while browsing without having to open the settings area. This will allow me to navigate to my most used websites much faster and easier.

Current workflow:

1.) Press 3 dots in bottom right of app
2.) Click bookmarks
3.) Open link

Suggested workflow:

1.) Press main bookmark icon that is always showing at the bottom
2.) Open link

Recommendation: Add an app setting of “Switch bookmark icon to show list of bookmarks” and if done, user can add new bookmarks using the three dots in the bottom right to open the menu.

Rationale: Adding a new bookmark is a less common activity than opening your already set bookmarks.

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Im supporting this request

I want it, too :slight_smile:

Please give us an open-bookmark button.

You can long-press on the bookmarks icon to display the View Bookmarks:

It seems that bookmarks are not used widely. If they were used a lot, more users would complain.
I really do not understand, why I set a bookmark with one click, but recalling one is tedious.
I set a bookmark once and I recall it many times. Isn’t is obvious that an icon for recalling/opening a bookmark should be at a prominent place in the GUI?

Please give us an icon in the icon bar that allows for quick access.

Martin :-)