Mobile bookmarks regressed?

Mobile bookmarks seem to have regressed back to immediately deleting bookmarks so that whenever I want to edit an existing bookmark I can’t use the bookmark feature to directly take me to the bookmark info.

For some reason it now directly deletes the bookmark, so updating any existing bookmark with new information now requires navigating manually through all of my bookmarks and folders.

Reproduced by:

  1. Creating a bookmark
  2. Attempting to edit the bookmark on mobile
  3. Bookmark gets deleted

Expected result:
3. Getting taken to the bookmark page

Brave Version( check About Brave):
Mobile Device details
Motorola moto g(9) plus


Someone else already mentioned

Just combining the two of you here for the moment and then going to tag @Serg (The dev for Android) to see if he can let us know if it’s something that can be changed or what the thoughts are on it. Hopefully he’ll check here within the next couple days.


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