Option to have the "Edit Bookmark" button actually edit the bookmark instead of just removing it

I know that some people expect pressing the bookmark button to immediately remove the bookmark instead of going to an edit screen, but this becomes highly annoying when it comes time to edit a bookmark. Instead of being able to do it from the webpage, I have to navigate to a bookmark in the menu in order to edit it without deleting and re-adding it. It’s also irritating when I accidentally press the bookmark button, because it immediately deletes with no failsafe.

I obviously don’t think my preference should be forced on everyone, but I would appreciate an option to change this in the settings menu, or at the very least, a flag which would allow me to revert to normal bookmark behavior.

And for anyone wondering, this is the “Edit Bookmark” screen I’m referring to. This screenshot was taken from Google Chrome on Android:

Bumping in case no one saw this

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It could be a game changer for me.
The behaviour should be exactly be the same as in chrome application for bookmark.

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Same here. I’ve made the full switch to Chrome with AdGuard for the time being. There should, at the very least, be an option or flag to change it back.