Cannot verify Android Brave wallet with existing UpHold account

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Description of the issue:
I have an existing account with UpHold connected to my desktop Brave browser wallet, I’m trying to connect my Android Brave wallet to the same account. I click the BAT logo in the browser, then select “Verify Wallet” > “Complete wallet verification”, then it brings me to my UpHold account landing page on but nothing else.

I tried contacting UpHold about it in case it was on their end, but they said to contact Brave.

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. click the BAT logo in the browser. Select “Verify Wallet” > “Complete wallet verification”, then it brings me to my UpHold account landing page on but nothing else.

Expected result:
Being able to have both my mobile and desktop brave wallet connected to the same UpHold account so I don’t have to KYC twice and have two individual accounts.

Brave Version( check About Brave):
1.12.113 - Chomium 84.0.4247. 125

Mobile Device details
OnePlus 7 Pro
Model GM1913

Additional Information:


@steeven how come newer inquiries are being answered before mine? Is mine being looked in to?
I’ve unfortunately been trying to resolve this issue for over a month between this forum and UpHold via email :frowning:


Hi @laylay - there’s a 25 BAT minimum for verifying your wallet on Android. Do you have 25 BAT in your Android wallet?

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Hey @steeven thanks for the reply.

Yeah, the mobile wallet I’m trying to connect has over 100 BAT in it.

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Okay thanks for the info, can you share a screenshot of its rewards panel?

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Sure thing. This page here?

Thanks, and when you click the BAT icon to verify, what happens?

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It takes me to my UpHold account where my desktop Brave wallet is attached, but nothing else.

Attached is me showing the URL it directs me to and then what I see after the URL loads.


HI @laylay, sorry for dropping off. What happens when you click complete wallet verification?

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Hey @steeven,

No worries. Thanks for getting back to me.

The screenshots above show what happens when I click “Complete wallet verification”.
It goes to my existing UpHold account home screen and then nothing happens. Wallet doesn’t connect nor does it ask if I would like to have it connected.

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@steeven any update?

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I’m so sorry @laylay, I completely missed your update. This is the strangest thing. What Brave version are you currently using? I assure you that we’ll get you your BAT one way or another.

Yeah it’s really odd :confused:
Attached is a screenshot of the version I’m running

So, I’d like to wait and see if they transfer automatically on the 6th. If they don’t, I will manually refund.

Okay, great! Thank you! Lets see how Oct 6th goes :crossed_fingers:

Hey @steeven,

I just received my regular BAT from my desktop wallet to my UpHold account, like normal.
But nothing to be seen from my mobile wallet, and still cannot unfortunately connect the mobile wallet to my existing UpHold account.

Hi @laylay, thanks for reporting. Payments are still processing.

There is no login option for uphold account as in the window version of brave browser in Android version, that is why it requires new verification for uphold account. I hope This problem will be fixed in next update

@steeven Just received my mobile Brave payment for the month.
I go to complete the verification again, but still isn’t working unfortunately.

@Shimelis what do you mean?
There is a verify button, the same as desktop, but on my mobile the button isn’t working for me