Cannot verify Android Brave wallet with existing UpHold account

@steeven Still unable to verify my mobile Brave wallet to UpHold.


Yeah. I have similar issue that has been ignored for four months now. I have sent numerous messages since JUNE. Four months.

Brave browser on Android will not verify with my existing Uphold account. When I click the verify wallet tab, my browser crashes. Many Brave updates since then, same result. All required info has previously been submitted and…



HI @bjss, thanks for reporting! Just checked and I’m not seeing a DM history with you. I can help to figure out whats going on. Starting a DM with you right now.

@steeven. I just uploaded the mobile browser internals and version info from the beginning of the problem. I can sent current info if needed after you reply to the original message. Thanks for the assistance.

@steeven how about my issue though?
I still can’t get my BAT and you said if it was still not resolved you was going to manually release it for me

@steeven Hello? It’s been 17 days since I was asked to wait and if the issue wasn’t resolved you said you would handle it manually.
All good if it was 10 or 20 BAT, but I’ve had over 100 BAT sitting ready to be claimed.
Could this be resolved please.

The longer this goes on the less I feel my amount of BAT will be worth.
I’ve lost 37% of what my BAT was worth, paired to BTC, since the opening of this thread.
Then more since the beginning of contacting UpHold.

Thanks for your patience @laylay. Can you DM me your Uphold wallet ID, and upgrade to 1.15.76? Can resolve in the DM. Thank you again.

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Thank you. DM has been Sent

Hello @steeven I have also sent you about same problem in DM. You are requested to please check also my problem and kindly solve that. I am waiting about same problem since 17 days ago but problem not solved yet. Kindly solve my problem also. Thank you.

Hello @steeven I have also sent you in DM about my problem. Please solve that. Bats not transferring into my verified uphold account.

Unfortunately still waiting for a reply to my initial DM too :frowning:

This is very sad. @steven not helping us with our problems. Why Bats not transferring into verified uphold account? Using latest version both brave and beta but this problem not solved. @steeven please solve this matter. You should do manually refund us. Thanks.

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Hi @laylay, thanks for following up. I’m not seeing a DM from you, so I’ve just sent you one directly. Please send your info there and I can be of help! Thank in advance!

@9rs, I will review your DM tomorrow. Your issue is different and I’ve only now just received your complete information. Thank you.

Thanks @steeven
I just replied to the DM

Hello @steeven, Please solve my problem as soon as possible . I told you complete information about my problem. Please fix this issue. Thank you.

If you want my uphold linked email, I will paste here,

Uphold linked Email :

Means you cant login in to uphold wallet in Android version Brave browser as that of the desktop.For example “do you need a four pocket wallet to receive cash payments from four different persons??”

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