How to Deposit into Uphold in order to Verify Mobile Wallet

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Description of the issue:

  1. Hello. To describe my issue, when selecting “Verify Wallet” from the UI widget of the Brave mobile browser Android version I am met with: you must have 25 BAT to verify.

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Download Brave Android
  2. Join and then click the BAT icon
  3. Click “Verify Wallet”

Expected result:

  1. I expect to be able to “Verify Wallet.”
    Brave Version( check About Brave):

Mobile Device details

Additional Information:

I have searched with no success as to how to perform this. I am going to assume this is possible. I am going to state the fact that if it is not possible, then this is a HUGE HUGE red flag toward business character.

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Well on your mobile wallet, does it say you have at least 25 bat? If not, there’s the reason… doesn’t matter that you might have 25 bat in your uphold account from your other brave instance on your desktop browser, you need to first accrue 25 bat on android before you can verify the brave wallet to uphold on android…


No. That is a non sensical reason. If I have an Uphold account then that is all that matters. Brave and Uphold are partners. Partners with KYC at that. I have been averaging 100 ads month for less than 1 BAT for 3 months. Prior to that, I would have the same ad count for 6-8 BAT. It’s a character issue. I don’t hide my greed.

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I’m with you, but that’s the way it is… apparently uphold wanted that… i keep hearing they’re gonna reduce that limit to 15 bat instead of 25 bat… but either way you’ll still have to have, at this time 25 bat, locally before verifying to uphold on android…


Yes. I accept it. I just find it odd. I’ve purchased crypto with my debit at Upholdon numerous occasions.

Brave’s most glaring issue is that it touts a cryptocurrency which it uses as a reward and user tipping token which is earned from ad patronage given by its userbase–yet there is no degree of trustless transaction in its rewards “something.”

I’m not bashing when I say I don’t feel that “rewards program” is suitable nomenclature. It is not. Program alludes to a planned system. We do not have that. We have the words, but we do not have the action.

It leans more towards shady suspect offerwall and opinion and task site behavior.

Uphold’s and BatProject’s Transparency reports are more in line with the current bank system. The lack of an explorer with crypto norm histories is rather confounding.

It is an Ethereum token, this a smart contract with each advertiser would be ideal. It would also now to the API and seemingly loosen up concerns over bookkeeping to free up developer/programmer/manager-types in a healthy fashion enabling that energy to be more active in more serious, hopefully more beneficial work.

In its current iteration, Brave shades itself.

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I came on here to ask roughly the same question. I was able to make an uphold account with 0 balance and link it to my desktop browser, but I cant see a way around accruing 25 bat on the mobile version before verifying/linking my uphold acct. Thanks for the info!


Yes. It simply is not possible due to “because.”

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