Cannot Verify Brave Android Wallet with an existing Uphold Account

I have an existing uphold account connected to my desktop brave browser wallet. I am trying to connect/verify my android brave wallet to the same account on desktop. My other android wallet has successfully connected with 2.788 BAT, but my other android device with 4.500 BAT won’t even connect even if i authorized it login/multiple times. what seems to be the issue? its frustrating.

Mobile device: Huawei Y9 Prime 2019

You can only connect 4 instances of Brave browser wallet with Uphold? Any chance you exceeded that?

Also see this-

I only have 2 android devices and 1 desktop PC. My huawei android device brave wallet wont connect.

Try mentioned steps in the linked post.

I think it worked. But how? jeez… Thanks guys!!

My two Android devices are synced now. Overall i have 7.288 BAT.

One more thing, how can i increase my funds in my uphold account while waiting for brave rewards?

Go to and “Add funds”.

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