I cannot sync my android tablet

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I had Brave on my android tablet, my Mac and on my android phone. I had them all synced. I uninstalled Brave on my tablet and then reinstalled it to try to fix an issue. When I try to sync it again and I use my phone I do not have the option to scan the item to do it. What am I doing wrong?
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This is a screenshot of what I see when I click “Sync” on my android phone. I want to be able to scan the sync page on my tablet so that I can sync the tablet but I get no option to scan.

Press add new device

If I choose add new device and then add a mobile device it still does not give a scan option. It just shows the code.

Weird. @Saoiray @Aman_M @rodrige Please see if you can help. Thanks!

@Nouser What’s your Brave’s version on Android? Are you on the latest version? Have you tried using the code?

Brave on my android phone (running Android 12) is v1.43.93. I’m not sure how to try using the code. Can you direct me how to use it?

@Nouser Let me recap here and make sure I’m understanding things correctly.

  1. You have three devices. A Mac, Android phone, and an Android tablet.
  2. You’re trying to add your tablet to the sync chain.
  3. When you go to Add New Device on your Android, it only shows the Sync Code and doesn’t have a QR code.

What I’m not getting is when you hit Add New Device it should bring you to the screen below:

Even if you hit Add a Computer you would see something like below on your Android. On the top of the screen you’ll see a toggle where you can switch between Code Words and QR code. So if you were wanting to scan a QR code, you’d just hit that toggle up top that says QR Code.

But let’s pretend you can’t. Then we’ll move on to a secondary option. On your tablet, when you choose Scan or enter sync code you’d see a screen like below. It defaults to a camera to scan a QR code, but you’ll see where I circled in yellow and have arrows pointing, there’s a part that says Enter code words. You can tap that and it will bring you to a part where you can type in the words. You’ll see both parts in screenshots below.


You should be able to go to your Mac, go to Sync, and pull your Sync Code or QR Code from there by clicking View Sync Code.

All of that said, you should be able to connect it in one of those ways. If not, then we’ll need to be getting more specific information on what you’re seeing.

Make sure your tablet isn’t already part of a sync chain. If it is, you won’t be able to add it to the other one where your phone and Mac are connected.

You are correct about the 3 devices and that I want to add the tablet to Sync. The problem seems to be when I open Brave Sync on my Tablet I do not get the “Scan or enter sync code” option. I just get the Sync code page that shows the code.

I’m wanting to assume this means your tablet already is in a sync chain, to which you have to delete it. If you can see a screen similar as to what you saw on your phone, where it shows a device name with a trash can OR if you see a Leave Sync Chain option, then that would mean it’s part of a chain. So at that point, just go ahead and leave the chain.

It only shows a code if it’s on a chain, otherwise it would ask you to scan or enter a code. It might be that at some point while you did things, you might have accidentally hit the Start a new sync chain button on it.

Can you make sure that you can’t do that with it?

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Thanks, that was the issue! I had the tablet on the sync chain before. I just deleted it and it left the sync chain. Now I get the scan option and can sync it again!


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