Cannot Sync macOS and iOS

I have the Brave browser installed on both my computer (macOS) and my phone (iOS).

I went into the sync settings on my browser, clicked on “Add New Device” and clicked on “Phone / Tablet”. This gave me a QR code. I went to my phone and clicked on “I have a sync code”, and then scanned the QR code with my phone.

But now, the phone says that the only device on the sync chain is “f0rgotsIPhone (This Device)” and the browser on the computer shows only my computer on the sync chain.

What did I do wrong here? I imagine both devices should be listed in iOS and macOS.

Screen Shot 2020-08-20 at 5.04.17 PM

Because they both using different Sync version. Desktop and Android already use Sync v2.

iOS support for Sync v2 is coming

Thank you very much!

My main reason for supporting the Brave Browser is its performance. Frankly, I don’t really care about the ad / token stuff. I’m just here for a fast, private browser. If you continue to move in that direction, I see a very bright future ahead for Brave.

Thanks, and I’ll wait for the Sync 2 update to iOS.

I came here to report the same issue with my iPhone and MacBook.

If it’s going to be a while until iOS supports Sync v2, you might want to put something in the iOS sync screen to let us know about the different versions. I had confirmed that the Sync Code was the same in both places and was quite confused.

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out of curiosity – is there an ETA for the ios version?

Thank for your patience @stevenxl @aphoid @intafon, the team is working to make sure Sync v2 is available for iOS as soon as possible. In other word, I’ve no ETA for when.


I look almost daily to see if there´s a new available version of Brave Browser for iOS including Sync v2, I’m getting long waiting…

BTW, yesterday I updated to iOS 14, will it be possible to set Brave as the default browser?

@eljuno Thats an satisfactory answer. Thank you for this

@eljuno i’m going to second @aphoid. I saw that sync was available on my mac but couldnt find it on my iphone. It’d be nice if you had “sync still under construction” or something on the iphone.

It wouldve saved me a lot of time troubleshooting what was wrong.

Thanks for your hard work. I still love Brave, its functionality & all that it stands for privacy-wise <3