Not being able to add sync devices

I installed Brave on my mobile and computer. Now i want to sync these two devices. However i click on option “add sync device” on my computer so it generates a QR code or code words. The issue is i cannot see any option in my mobile phone like “scan QR code” and it is also not generating any code words. PFA of screenshot.

Syncing cant be possible like this

  1. Settings
  2. Add sync device
  3. Computer

**Actual Result = just showing menues for QR CODE and CODE words

**Expected result: should show an icon to scan QR Code or should generate keywords

Happens everytime

**Operating System= android oreo 8.1 and latest brave for Android

**On computer it says scan this code or add code but mobile it is not showing anything to sync so its a bug for mobile brave

@Hood the button should appears before you try to sync your mobile device.

It directly opens the menu which i shared in screenshot

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