Sync not working on mac

on macbook pro 10.12.6 (16G29) I am using Brave Version 0.67.124 Chromium:
When I try to add my mobile I get to the Sync Chain QR Code window …
On my iphone I go to brave settings > sync (beta) add desktop but it doesn’t give me an option to scan the code …

If it doesn’t display the correct option, can you tell or show me what it does display?

To confirm, you have an existing Sync chain you started with your macbook pro. You’re trying to add your mobile device to the existing Sync chain, by going to Settings --> Sync --> I have a Sync code?

to be honest i’m not sure … I assume an existing sync chain would mean that 2 devices are sync’d; if this is the case no I don’t have an existing sync chain. I have tried several times to sync my iphone and macbook pro without any success. The sync code makes no sense to me.

If I start the process on my mobile I get a sync code see screen shot above, Then I must copy and paste that on the other device … there is no logic in that … I did copy and send it to my laptop as paste it there, but nothing happened, just a wheel of death going round and round …

If I start the process on my laptop, I get to the QR code, this makes sense … simple just capture the code on my mobile … but no matter where I go on my mobile there is no option to capture QR code

Im no IT specialist but I usually find tech easy … and this process seems odd. Im left thinking I’m doing something wrong …

BTW loving Brave in general and really hoping you guys sort this type of stuff out so I can start singing your praises across the web … Thanks !

On your mobile device, go to Settings --> Sync --> I have a Sync code and this should give you the option to scan the QR code displayed on your desktop using your mobile device (note that you have to allow Brave access to your camera in order for this to work). Or, you can select to show the Sync code on the Desktop version and enter that code on your mobile device.

On your mobile device, go to Settings --> Sync --> I have a Sync code
does not show option to scan the QR code …
Also there is no option to to allow Brave access to your camera in settings

This feature sucks dude. It’s useless for mac and iphone. I just want my bookmarks to carry over! They carry over on mac but not safari to brave for iphone. Fix it, brave.


I love the browser. It’s the one thing keeping me from completely using brave. The most painfully basic feature of any browser should be to transfer favorites over. wtf


Exactly how I feel too!! I’ve been waiting for this simple feature for so long now. I love Brave browser, but this really annoys me. An export bookmarks function on the iOS brave app, should be really simple to create, of course syncing devices would be a better feature… if it worked. But it’s apparently to difficult, so why not just put in a link to export the file, so you can import your favs to your desktop manually. Just saying…

I have the same issue. Sync from mobile iOS to apple desktop does not work. Nothing actually happend after input of the 24 words in the desktop browser, except the Mobile device does show the newly created chain with my iOS device and desktop computer. But desktop browser does not show the devices listed in the chain, nor can I see my mobile bookmarks.

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Come now Brave !!! get the mac sync working or loose my support !!! this cant be so difficult

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