Brave Rewards Creators | Wallet connection issues!


I’m trying to connect my “creator wallet” to uphold, and despite receiving an email from Uphold that it was connected, I’m receiving information that “Could not configure BAT deposits for Uphold”.


I have verified uphold account from almost 2 years now Ind its working fine connected to reword wallet.

I was searching the solution and contraction with Uphold but unfortunately there was no clue with solution.


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I wonder if it’s related to the “Cannot create Uphold connection. This uphold account is already association with another Creator.” when trying to (re)connect to Uphold.

Ye I saw this some time ago and was wondering the same.

I have the same problem.

I have the same issue.

@Mattches @steeven
Can you help with that? I see that many people have a problem with this error.
I still can’t connect my account to uphold

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no reply :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face::+1:

Gg Brave

Are there any information’s bout this ?

There is no information at all. No one helps and everyone keeps quiet. And the problem is still not solved.

meanwhile new type of error :slight_smile:


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I still have the same error

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I have asked before and no answer

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I don’t understand why no one responds to this problem?


Honestly, I’m starting to doubt it would be resolved any time soon.

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Now issue is fixed :star_struck:

Unfortunately not for me :frowning: I still have an error.

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first updated the Uphold app then removed Brave Rewards from Integrations in Uphold Settings . then came to the website and connected Uphold and that’s it.

But i think my region not supported so how can i take payment?

Bro can you tell me what is minimum BAT amount to payout?

I already try that, on browser (couple of them), and even on app (despite I do not use mobile app on day by day bases)

I have also check my region and it should be supported. I have browser wallet connected without problems, I have only problems with “creator wallet”.

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i dont think there is a minimum payout limit . i have recieved 1.9 bat payout in the past


I still can’t do anything. Constantly the same error after I disconnected and reconnected the Uphold Wallet.

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