Uphold connection problems with Brave Rewards

Hi, on publishers.basicattentiontoken.org my Uphold Wallet keeps getting “Connection Problems” even in other browsers. I cleared cache, reinstalled Brave and restored the wallet.

Wallet restored! --.-- BAT was recovered. Your wallet key has been verified and loaded successfully.

Still getting the error message. I was properly verified and connected before because I received BAT for May. Please assist, support team. Thank you!

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Hi @icookbeets,

Thank you for your post.

Other users have reported similar behavior and our team is looking into this now. I’ll be in touch with an update asap.

Thanks for your patience here.


@steeven The issue is now resolved. Wallet is connected. I noticed that this is the same result as many others with the same problem. They post the issue, support reaches out and then it’s all of a sudden solved. Is there something we can do on our end for future troubleshooting? It seems like it’s on the dev side where settings need to be tweaked. Thanks again though!

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