Cannot claim tokens

I have just experienced the same problem mentioned here: Claim button gone after "Error. Oops! Something went wrong." message. No BAT from ads

When I claimed the tokens I have received the message “Oooops something went wrong”. Since then I am unable to claim again. An no tokens have arrived yet in my wallet. What is going wrong?


Mine on android just buffers infinitely when i click on “claim”.

I have the same issue for about 3 to 4 month, I have 19.7 BAT rewards in pending.
Do I need to open a ticket as many users seems to have this problem ?

I have same problem too… When I click on the claim button… It just roll till eternity… And when I tried to stop it and click again… The claim disappeared along with all the tokens I’ve earn… This is has being happening for the past 2 months I joined brave…

My question is … Why is all my earnings disappearing to? because I I had already disabled the “auto-contribute”

Is there no way to claim earnings made on androids?

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Same scenarios…its been 4 hrs…and it still wont stop

I have the same problem, but now all the tokens from last month are vanished. I lost all tokens from last month.

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Me too i cannot claim token. hopefully my token will be restored

FYI; this is a known bug and a fix is on the way.

I am an Uphold user and my wallet is connected + verified. I did not receive my rewards from March and April (the claim button does not appear). Yesterday I installed the latest version of the browser on another computer and I imported + connected my wallet (Uphold). The rewards claim button is still missing …

My token balance also decreases from 10.0 BAT to just 6.3 BAT pending rewards and i cant claim my token. I also sent email but i dont recieve any reply yet. Hope all is going well!

I have a problem on my may rewad, I have 6.1BAT but to my surprise, only 3 BAT was credited to my balance

Now my BATs have vanished. Until now my earned BATs for April were at least still showing as pending.
Now they are gone and they did not arrive in my wallet.

I have the same problem, all may rewards vanished

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