No claim Button and tokens from April disappeared?

Hello there,

I just checked today if my April tokens went in my wallet but i was surprised to see the count of token has been wiped for the next month but i don’t see any traces of my April token ? Around 30 token yesterday just dissapeared. I don’t have any claim button anywhere.

What is happening ? What can i do ?

Thank you for your help and sorry for my approximative english i’m not english


Same for me… I suppossed that was occasionally for change settings, but I see that I wasn’t unique having this issue.

the same for me …i lose all my BAT to april month =(

It’s the same for me I have just lose my April tokens :cry:

Same here, lose all my bat from april

Hi all - please see May 5th Ads Reward Claim Errors.

Same here…nothing into my wallet but taken from my browser. Also still waiting for a refund for BAT taken from me because auto-contribute turned on by itself…only got told to be patient…waiting.

Thank you for the link, but i’m using Uphold and i got this bug

am experiencing the same problem. There was no claim button and there was reduction in my brave acct

I also woke up this morning to more than half my BAT tokens inexplicably missing! No claim button, and all it ever said was “Deposit scheduled for May 5th” Deposit never happened my Uphold wallet is Empty, and went from 14.2 BAT last night “May 5th” to this mornings 5.2 BAT “May 6th”

the same for me… :frowning:

I’ve just been forced to create a new user. All my bookmarks, pinned tabs, history and pending brave rewards have disappeared. Is there any way to get this content back? Thanks.

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