Bug in rewards counter!

hello the rewards counter has a bug and does not show the pending estimates correctly. a greeting


yes same here

i got 109 adds and 2 bats but it suddenly disappeared please look into this problem and its not being updates after so much time and so many refreshes also


every month i need to reinstall the browser because it stop giving rewards even with so many adds, but now though i already reinstalled it, it also stop giving reward, i only get 0.30 then it stop again, i this purposely because they dont have money to give anymore.


I have the same problem. They are decreasing, and I don’t know what I should do. I opened a ticket but It seems no one cares.


Same bro I don’t know what happened but brave team fix soon

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Same here bro I’m using android app from yesterday it is not showing correctly. Getting ads but dono will it count or not. But it looks like freezed

Now no ads appears ,

Same here also.
Two days ago my bats dissapear.
Still have no response.

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Same here… Closed the browser and opened it two times and refreshed the reward page. Now it’s showing the value…

Now is it showing old value??

Experiencing the same problem as of yesterday (following the update to this version). Issue seems to be happening on the Beta build as well and Night build.

UPDATE: my missing BAT totals reverted to the original numbers (from 0.100 BAT back to 3.100 BAT). However, ad counter does not increase despite receiving ads and getting homepage ads. Stuck at 186. Same issue with Beta and Nightly builds.

yes it is showing full bats now

Thanks all for reporting and for the update. This is a known issue that is actively being addressed by the Ads Payment team.

The issue has been contained and we expect a full resolution for it shortly.

Closing this thread for now. If we need any additional information from users I will be sure to reach out.

Thank you again for your patience as we work to fully sort this out!

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