BAT got deducted and Ads showing but not counting in rewards

So today my earnings got deducted and the ads im viewing are not being counted.
It was not a big amount but noticeably this should be fixed as last month I had 0.27 BAT but I got only 0.25. Similarly right now I had 0.890 BAT which got deducted to 0.780 BAT. Please fix this.


Same here, BAT got deducted and new ads not counting on my Android device.


Atleast you’re able to view ads on mobile and get rewarded.
I’m able to view ads on my android but they never count. I still have notifications in my phone but I don’t get rewarded for those. Thankyou for reminding me. Gotta report this too.

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Yeah i have exacly the same problem no bats and ads not adding up

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Same the bat value is keeping on getting reduced and coming back and I dont get paid for new ads anymore.

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Unfortunately I seem to suffer from the same problem.

I’m new to the browser and have 0.8 BAT in my rewards. Most of the time my balance says 0, other times it says 280 and once in a while it’s 0.8. Ads are coming in frequently but I’m not getting any rewards.

Is there any information I can provide to help the situation?

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Brave 1.22.71 Chromium: 89.0.4389.114 (Official Build) (32-bit)
OS Windows 7 Service Pack 1 (Build 7601)

i have no claim button
since feb
last claim jan

before today update
i have more not claimed rewards

after today update my earnings got deducted
and the ads im viewing are not being counted.

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Seriously there’s some issue with brave servers, i guess. Because i’ve seen 3 ads through notification, but the Ad counter and BAT counter are at the same point. When clicked on the Total monthly Ads counter, those ads are shown in the list, but they are not counted.
I’m from India.

From Morning, my Ad counter and Reward Counter has been at the same place.

And since morning, i’ve clicked and viewed these ads, but the Ad counter and Reward Counter has not even moved.

I’m facing the same issue. It’s happening on both android and PC. Viewed a lot of ads but none of them counted. Isn’t there any other way of contacting Brave. Some email or something?

I’m having a similar issue, BAT got deducted but im not even being shown ads or earning BAT. This browser’s payment system broke down after 1 month of me using it.