Estimated Rewards dropped!

Same issues again. I’ve been using brave all morning (3 hours), Brave Rewards has been at $3.50 even though I’ve seen many adds it has not gone up. I refreshed by browser and now it’s at $3.49.

The first time this happened a day or two go I lost over a $1. and at approx .1 an add that’s a lot of time spent!
What’s going on? What incentive is there to use this… (I am a newbie, been at this for about a month).

Remember you can just have max 5 ads per hour, also the BAT fluctuates, because its a crypto, so it can go higher or lower, depending thr demand

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Thanks, yes, but it’s not the BAT that’s fluctuating. It’s the $ amount

Where ever it’s pulling it’s estimated earnings from it’s obviously messed up and I believe they re working to fix this

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I think client side should separately track this estimation for better visual accuracy

The $ amount will always change with the market, up or down. but the thing i am frustrated with is the lack of credit for ads. There are background ones and pop up ones (very minimally if at all) and i am not receiving these credits (going on 3 days now) Where are they putting all the credits that people are not receiving and how do i get these missed ones? Is this like a roll up the rim contest, oops please play again better luck next ad?

A day ago BAT went from 1.6 USDor something like that to 1.2 USD so thats why you lose USD, and now its getting up again