Brave Ads not properly counted


When I click on ads, it doesn’t always generate the .05 tokens that it used to. Is there a bug in the current build? What could the issue possibly be for the browser not generating the tokens when I click on the ads



I’m having the same issue. I run Brave Browser on two different computers and I’ve updated the browser to the latest version. But when I click on an ad, the counter and the Brave reward amount doesn’t go up


Same here over the last 2 days on desktop, mobile, and iPad. Frustrating… :frowning:

Hello everyone,
First, just so we’re all on the same page, you don’t actually have to click on the ads served to you in order for it to count towards Rewards.

I’ve reached out to the Ads team for more information on what may be happening and whether or not this behavior is known. Appreciate your patience and I will return when I have more information.


Thanks for looking into this. :+1:

For more info, my Brave Rewards seemed to move today, going from 1.5 BAT 0.46 USD to 1.5 BAT 0.47 USD…now back to 1.5BAT 0.46 USD. I think I’ve only seen 2-3 Ads today (desktop) to click on…with no corresponding “credit” for the Rewards, so still seems like an issue. Just an FYI.

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I’m Having the same problem, although i have ads in my ad history the pending BAT is not showing up…
Has this issue occurred for you?

Good morning, today I open 5 brave notification on computer and 5 on my cell, but if I go
in brave rewars the number of notifications has not increased (I use on pc windows 10 and a android cell, are installed the last version of brave in both equipment)
thank you


I also have the same problem on my PC and have looked at numerous ads today but BAT rewards has not increased. My phone rewards is a problem and does absolutely nothing and even though I have watched a lot of ads on it in Brave it still says 0.0 for my BAT total.


Same problem today on Android

Same problem for me today as well! Exactly as described. I am on the latest Brave version and Windows 10 Pro.

i have the same issue.

I am also having the same issue on Android…

I also have the same problem on my desktop with windows 10

Same issue on Ubuntu, ads are showing but the rewards counter stays the same…
It started after updating to 1.3.115

I also have this problem however on the brave homepage (when you open a new window with no address) the summary box has recognised my activity, it just doesn’t appear in the Brave Rewards triangle window.

In my summary box not😪

I have had the same issue on Mac and IOS, found no solution yet and have not seen any information from Brave regarding issue.

Seems we all are experiencing same problem

Hi, same for me, both on IOS and Ubuntu.
All notifications are still displayed in the list of seen ads but the total will not update.
All notifications are marked as displayed 1st january 1970… epoch problem?

Same problem, received add notifications but no increase in either estimated BAT or ADs served.