Estimated BATs counter has been reset


So, my “estimated pending rewards” counter has been reset.
I was kinda expecting this since many other people seem to have encounter the same problem. I’m not mad, I just want to let you know as my experience might somehow help to track down the issue. Sadly I cannot open a bug report as I’m not sure about the precise repro steps.

First of all, I’m on a Windows 10 v1903 desktop and I’m using the Nightly 0.73.60, updated yesterday morning (Italian time).
I’ve received ads for about two weeks before they stopped to show up. In that time I accumulated 1.75 BAT, something near 40/44 USD cent (I know it’s a very little sum, that’s why I cannot be mad for 40 cents lmao).

Yesterday, which was the 5th of November and also the deadline for the payment, I’ve seen two weird behavior of the browser:

  1. Despite the “estimated pending rewards” counter was still showing 1.75 BAT, the “Ad notifications received this month” counter has been reset to zero. In another thread I asked if this was going to be a problem and apparently it really might have been so (Didn’t get my next payment date). Also I couldn’t enter the history of the ads I’ve watched the last month, so now I really have no proof I legitimately watched those ads, and I’m sorry about that.
  2. The second weird behavior is about the new homepage widget. First time I’ve seen it in the morning it was showing 0.00 BAT under the “estimated earnings so far this month” section. During the evening it updated to 1.80 BAT, that is 0.05 BAT more than the actual “estimated pending rewards” in the rewards page. Also, this widget made me think, are the ads we watch in October sent to the wallet by December? Ads of November are coming to January and so on?

This morning, like 3 hours ago, all the counters were the same as yesterday, with the only difference on the “Next payment date”, which now display 5th of December of course.
Then, just by opening and closing Brave, and I’m 100% sure I did not touch anything of technical in this matter, not even the “ads per hour” setting, the counter has been reset and I’m now back to dead zero.
I tried to restore the wallet with the code, but of course the wallet was at 0 BAT and all I’ve lost are just the pending and estimated BATs of October.

So, yeah, that’s it. I gotta say I’m kinda hoping I did something wrong myself, because I really wanted Brave to work. I’m still appreciating the browser and sure thing I’m going to retry.
If there’s anything I can do or answer let me know of course. And if it’s possible to recover the pending BATs it would be great, if not I guess it’s fine anyway.

Thank you for your time in reading this

Not sure if it was just a matter of waiting or if you guys at Brave/Uphold watched my post, but I just received an email telling me the 1.75 (actually 1.80) BATs have been moved on the wallet.
So, eventually, thank you very much!