Browser showing wrong earned BAT amount

A few days ago my earned BAT for April was above 4. Today it is 1.095. There is something wrong. I have the beta, nightly and stable versions on my machine, but I mostly use the nightly version for day-to-day browsing. The stable version (orange lion) says I was served 11 ads for 1.025 BAT, but the nightly version (purple lion) shows I’ve been served 154 ads for 1.095 BAT. I should have a lot more BAT in the nightly version.

The balance jumping around seems to be a serious problem. I’ve also noticed that the amount I earn in a month is always higher than what I actually receive in my wallet, and not by a small amount!

You all need to fix this. I’ve lost all confidence in this.

One more thing: stop classifying web3 stuff outside the crypto category. I have no interest in any of that stuff. I earn BAT, but that’s the only crypto I’m remotely interested in. You’re literally wasting advertiser money by showing me web3 ads.

Oh, and don’t even get me started on the sneaky “auto contribute” thing. I never added a monthly contribution to Brave, and yet they took 1 BAT from me last month! I had auto-contribute turned on, but hadn’t added any websites to the list. So why was Brave sent anything?

Needless to say, I’m almost ready to jump ship and move back to firefox and chrome. I’m tired of all these shady tricks.

I’ll tag @Evan123 @SaltyBanana to assist you.

Same issue here.

Hello @adghqe38r0utq389 - Dm’ing you now. Thanks!

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