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Why is Brave literally “robbing” me BATS? i got exactly 3.540 yesterday and now i just woke up with 2.490 :confused:
is there some solution? i cleaned the cache already but still not got my Bats, that happened the last month too, plus i asked some friends and this also happened to them.


Win 10

Is your browser wallet currently verified? No

Are you using a VPN? No

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I am not so sure about this, for at the end of April, I already was transferred much less in my Uphold account than the estimated amount displayed in your browser.
Then, it added up and now I have been deducted over 2 BAT without any transfer into my wallet whatsoever. Furthermore, do you keep the earnings for paying attention so intransparent on purpose? Luring users into a program lacking integrity is cheating!!!

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I just noticed I had 4.2 BATS but I got my first ad of the day and went to check and I now have 2.11 BATS.

Is this a bug? Is BRAVE being hacked? Will users effected by this be credited what they are owed?

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Read the link posted by @HighPriestess42 above.

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Excuse me but did they fix it already? I still dont got my bats ;_;

Idk men but looks like they didnt fix it yet :confused:

Fr i really agree with you men and i dont even know if that was fixed coz i dont have my bats back.

Did you read that link??? You didn’t lose any BAT that you earned. There was a glitch in the system that made it appear that you had more BAT than you actually did. Now that the glitch has been fixed, your BAT are reflected accurately.

Thanks! I just read the link and am glad to see this issue is being worked on! :slight_smile:

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