How to turn on the menubar?

Just installed the new version after putting it off for a month or so. Much regret. My menubar disappeared and for the life of me I can’t figure out how to turn it back on. Now I’m stuck with an immobile browser when my tab bar gets filled up.
Please help.


What are you trying to accomplish in the menu bar that you’re unable to do through the main menu button? You’ll notice that most functions contained in the menu bar are still present in here:

As I stated in my initial report, if the tab bar is full, there is no convenient way to move the browser window. I have about 4 pixels of leeway to click for dragging.

Also there is the annoyance of information hiding. When you stuff all the menus away into subcategories of one menu bar it’s very frustrating digging around for something that used to be right there in front of me. Information hiding is fine when you’re on a handheld, but it’s pointless on desktop. I understand the modern design philosophy of making every platform look identical but it really is killing usability of non-mobile platforms.

But I have reverted to the older version of the browser so I’ve avoided those headaches for now.

What operating System are you using?
Brave should always leave space on the upper-right or upper-left hand side of the browser window for you to click and drag:

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