@dryad presenting in these parts THU25APR19 23:54

Helena Noble is my Spectral Sciences persona.
I’m :

I do talk with Trees, literally, teach them English, try and learn their language too.
I had to talk to a crystal the other day. I think it worked.
I have become comfortable conversing with Bots. :rofl:
I’m also what one might call ‘old fashioned’. I’m not so young anymore and I’m trés concerned about the state of the world.

I first used Brave on 16 April 2018 and I’m trying to figure out when I opened my dryad account in the community.
My first post : FR19APR19 20:53.

From a manual typewriter and the toned fingers required to ‘tap’ the lever of each letter down for the character lever to swing upwards and plant a smack on the paper from behind the carbon ink ribbon, to a golf ball electric typewriter, my initial migration to computers was on an Olivetti desktop machine. Overwhelmed by code keys in a two day course, two days later I fulfilled the imperative to produce an upmarket brochure for an ad agency brief! This was long before ‘the mouse’, while I then learn-used diverse systems that were being rolled out and test driven by various companies during the IT start up phase. Since then somehow I have managed to keep on updating my ‘computer’ interface.
However I deeply regret that I got stuck on MS. :cry:

I’m happy not to use any type of mobile device at all, just basic, retro
cellphone and I’m good with merely a manual, log-on and log-off again connection. :muscle:t3:

I can’t really read nor write ‘script’, so I have written these words here instead - the kind of script I have to offer and, so do. May it be of interest. :sunglasses:

dryad - tree person
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