Browser custom theme view changed after update

Hi, I want to ask about the user interface, about its view.

After the update to Brave v.1.57.47 the browser started to demonstrate custom themes differently. If some theme have the color line under the browser bookmarks part - then Brave browser is demonstrating it above, between the tabs and web-link part now. It looks incorrect and uncomfortable.

It wasn’t like that with previous versions of Brave Browser.

I want to ask, is it possible to fix the view in the next browser update?
Desktop version v.1.57.47.

(also I would like to ask, is it possible to install some of the previous versions of the browser?)

You can download old versions of the browser directly from our Github:

As for the themes, I apologize but I am unclear on what the exact issue you’re describing is. From what I can tell the theme and the browser window you’re using all look like they’re displaying correctly. What exactly is the issue that you are seeing?

Thank you. Found version 1.57.45 ( but I don’t know, how to install it: under the “Windows” version writed, that “…fetch and install the latest available version”, so it will download v.1.57.47, not older… If I understand it well.

About the visual problem:
As example I would like to use custom theme “When the night comes” (rainbow screen).
The problem is that the rainbow line is replaced. It have to be under all of the buttons, under the link space and browsers bookmarks. But I have it up to the link space, co it’s not how it designed.

My first screen are from browser theme’s shops. Here ir can be seen my real view in the upper part of the screen + how it have to look in the small (sorry) “correct” screenshot inside the my screenshot of the e-shop.

Yeah I see what you’re saying about the theme. I will let our devs know about this but can’t promise the fix will be prioritized.

As for the Windows installation, you’ll want to grab the “Stand alone installer” for the version you want. So if you’re looking for version 1.56.20 (the last version before the most recent release) for a Windows 64 bit machine, you’ll want to use this one:

Thank you very much for help.
Yeah, I understand, that it’s not paramount. Anyway, now my eyes feels themselfs peacefully. I hope, that Brave browser won’t update without my knowledge.
Thank you again. Have a nice day.

Unfortunately, it did. How can I block the Brave browsers updates and stay on one version?

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