My bookmarks bar has changed to dark blue background and the black icons are not visible

Description of the issue: I was adding different themes to my Brave browser when I noticed that the bookmarks bar had changed to a dark blue color which makes it nearly impossible to see the black icons, such as ‘bookmark this page’ or ‘open the home page’. How can I change it to a lighter color. In settings, I can ‘restore defaults’, but if I do this, won’t lose all of the themes that I just put in?

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Expected result:

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Operating System and Brave Version(See the About Brave page in the main menu): I am running Windows 7, but I have no idea where your ‘main menu’ is located. On the ‘new tab’ page of the Brave browser, there are 3 icons. 1 is for editing preferences, 1 is for viewing and managing bookmarks, and the last is for viewing browsing history. NO main menu.

Additional Information: I am going to ‘restore defaults’ because I would rather have the bookmarks bar icons visible than not.

Thank you for reaching out.
While I think we can resolve this, it would be helpful to have a screenshot of the browser as it’s displayed on your end to get a better idea of the issue you’re encountering.

That said, a few things:

  1. The main menu is located on the top-right of the browser:
  2. From here, if you navigate [Main Menu] --> Settings --> Appearance where you should see options for Brave themes (built-in) as well as installed Chromes:

Note that any themes installed from the Chrome web store (or elsewhere) will override the theme brave is currently using. So if you, for example, have a theme that sets the Bookmarks bar to a dark blue, changing the Brave theme option to Light or Dark will not change the color of any icons or text as this should be dictated by the installed theme (as I understand it).

“Brave Community”,

I reset my ‘themes’ to default which fixed the dark bookmarks bar issue. Now, however, when I add various themes they never show up. I’ve still got the same themes that were there when I first started using Brave. How do I get rid of these OLD themes and install NEW ones?

Thanks for your help.

The Light/Dark themes are available by default when installing the browser. You can install additional themes in Brave but only one theme at a time. Note that this is the same for Chrome and Chromium as well.

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