Frozen pages on a particular site

Just started using Brave, I like how it performs.
Question; went to one on-line bank, no problem at all. Went to my other bank, and although I logged in, nothing would work, the sun-dial just kept spinning. Called the bank and they blamed my browser, I had to turn off the ads and tracker to get my bank pages to move.
Has anyone else had this problem?
Thanks for your time.

Many users report online banking websites with compatibility issues. Many banks use embedded tracking features for various purposes – not all of them nefarious. Unfortunately at this time, there’s no way other than allowing ads/trackers for that particular banking site to get the site functioning properly.

However, remember that allowing ads and trackers in the Shields panel only changes per-site protections – that is, you only need to allow ads and trackers on this one site – not on all.

Thank you for your reply, it’s good to know a little about how things work, even for us who’re not sure what all these thing mean. I turned the blocker back on before leaving the site, then I ran a cleaner. :slight_smile:

Thanks for your time.

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My pleasure!
On the subject of further learning, I’d highly recommend reading our Shields documentation as it will help you better navigate and diagnose web compatibility in Brave.

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