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Good afternoon

I have an account with The Royal Bank of Canada and for the last few days (probably since the last Brave update) I am able to login my bank account by unable to see the list of transaction – I have a message stating “Loading transaction data…” but it doesn’t do anything else.

I tried to access my bank account though Edge, and it works fine i.e. I can see all the transactions I made in the recent past. I also went to the nearest RBC branch and again, it works fine.

So, obviously, I have a snag with Brave. How can I pass this info directly to Brave? No clue.


Bruno Gazaille

Hello @brunogazaille

could be to one of the following reason

  1. try to disable shield and see if it work ? if it work fine then change the tracker and/or fingerprint to lower level of protection like standard or allow all

  2. if 1 did not work then disable all extension and try again if it work then re enable all extension one by one till you get the one that cause the issue

  3. if that did not work then try in private mode if it work then clear the cache

hope that help and have a nice day :slightly_smiling_face:

Good afternoon

Thank you for your reply and efforts. You see, in the field of IT, me very young Padawan; only most of the time I can tell the difference between a printer and the keyboard. Only recently I let go of my faithful Nokia 5190 and switched for a flip phone. A friend of mine offered me a rather decent laptop for FREE, and I declined… Hope you get the picture: I liked Explorer and hate, I mean despise Chrome, Firefox Chromium, etc.

So I did my best to implement the options you suggested. It still doesn’t work for my banking account. In fact, I messed things up so bad that it reached a point where I could not access my emails. a local news paper website displayed only the page header & footer but no articles, etc…

And so I found the page https://support.brave.com/hc/en-us/articles/360022806212-How-do-I-use-Shields-while-browsing- that is very interesting but I need something that is up to date as of October 12, 2020. I attached a few “printscreen” of what my settings for Shields and Extensions look like.

Any idea as to what I should select and not select in the Settings? You see, Brave was fine with my banking up until about one week ago when I started to have constraints accessing the data in my bank account – by the way, I tried Edge and it works.

Please advise.


Bruno Gazaille

(Attachment Doc 1.docx is missing)

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you welcome @brunogazaille

and no problem but the screen shoot does not show up as you sent them as docx (word file) just send the image

and could you do all that also

disable shield and disable all extension and use private mode also all of them together

and have a nice day

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