Feedback for brave


there seems to be no working way to contact brave, despite you taking my money every month for vpn services. my vpn services stopped loading on my browser. any help is hard to find and i really dont want to fix your problems. id rather just get vpn services from somewhere functional as i have in the past. i finally cancelled my account and wanted a refund for the latest monthly fee you charged a day or so before. you denied it through google.

anyway just want to let you know that i am pissed and not using your services at all anymore. i also hate that i have to contact you through some community forum where everyone will give me their two cents. for that reason im not planning on reading any replies or returning to this topic.

apparently i get emails for replies. and i reply from some forum person i dont care about. great. my response to whatever you wrote is “not my problem, ill take my money elsewhere”

also your welcome to brave for me providing feedback. most companies would love to get feedback from paying customers who leave in frustration. i should do a chargeback.

Seems you’re not asking for help and instead just are giving your feedback. You can create a support ticket at for any assistance you might need., whether it be for issues regarding VPN or any other services through Brave.