Brave VPN stopped working on all devices

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On all my devices, two macs and android phone. My brave subscription is still valid, i can login and see it. But on all devices when trying to activate the VPN it shows me the sign up screen, if i click “already have brave VPON?” it takes me to login, so i login, can then see my valid and still active subscription… i can refresh brave vpn, but it makes no difference. Loop. I cannot seem to activate it at all.

On my android, i normally just click “brave vpn” in the settings menu and it toggles on/off, but now it takes me again to the sign up / activate screen, and does the same as on desktop, sends me in circles. I can manually go into my phones settings and manage to turn “vpn always on” in there which does activate the brave vpn, but i do not want it on constantly.

What has happened?

@GuardianTeam @saltybanana please assist. Thanks!

Thanks. Now i am getting “too many recovery attempts” :frowning:

I work on a global multilanguage app, and this is preventing me from getting any work done today.

Hi @57u

Are you still experiencing this issue after the 24hr wait period?

It seemed to resolve itself after the subscription had renewed. Strange, as I’ve never experienced this in previous months. And I haven’t stopped or changed any subscription details since starting it ages ago. No idea, but it’s working atm.

Hi again, this has happened yet again.

I click VPN button, it tells me i have no subscription.

I click “already purchased vpn”, then login.

Then click “refresh vpn”, it shows me my current plan.

I then click the VPN button - loop, back round in circles.

This is awful, i need VPN for work. Is it a known bug as it keeps happening?

Now it just shows " Too many recovery attempts on a NEW device".

This is the same device i have been using it on ever since!!!


My sincere apologies for this terrible experience. It sounds like there is a bug when validating your subscriber credentials when you are trying to connect and we are dealing with a couple other reports of this issue at this time. Please try the following:

  • Open Brave and navigate to brave://skus-internals/
  • Click Reset SKUs state
  • Login to again and if needed click Refresh Brave VPN and try to connect.