VPN won’t work after 1st month of usage


My apology for this interruption. Please see the thread here as it might resolve your connection issue. Trouble connecting VPN

Please let me know if you still have an issue connecting.

That thread doesn’t help. There is no reset VPN button or anything when I click “settings” then “brave VPN”. It gives me the option to install a VPN only. But tells me it can’t install. I want a refund for this month! I’ve paid $10 and not been able to use it at all. It’s BS

When you purchased the VPN from within Brave, were you not able to connect at all or were you previously connecting and now are unable to install the VPN profile? I’m happy to help you get connected.

Although, if you simply would like instructions for requesting a refund from Apple I can help you with this request as well. If it is easier, you may send me an email at brave (at) guardianapp (dot) com so I can walk you through this step by step.

Hello, I’m experiencing a similar problem of being unable to install the VPN profile. Originally it was working for the first month, but once I started paying for the subscription in the second month, I received the same pop-up while trying access the Brave Firewall+VPN settings.

Hi! My apology for the disconnection. Please do the following steps to re-initiate a fresh connection.

  1. First in the app settings via Brave Browser>settings>Brave Firewall + VPN, please select “reset configuration.” When you tap on Brave Firewall + VPN, scroll down a bit to see the “reset configuration” option.

  1. Once the old host is cleared, please force-close the app completely, and
  2. then open your system settings to delete the VPN profile. Settings>general>VPN, then tap on the (i) to see where to delete the VPN.
  3. Now re-open Brave and turn on the VPN to start a fresh connection.

If you are still receiving the error message, please open the settings in Brave and select “Contact Technical Support” to open a ticket for faster support.

Unfortunately, I can’t even access the Brave Firewall + VPN section in settings due to this pop up appearing:

This also prevents me from contacting technical support, so I’m at a loss as to what I should do.

Do not fear! I can help.

In your screenshot above, at the top left corner there is a Cancel button. Please hit cancel to get out of that screen. I am going to attach a few more screenshots to show you how to navigate to the settings both in the Brave Browser and in the device settings.

A) Open the Brave Browser :

B) Scroll to Brave Firewall + VPN:

c) Reset Configuration:

After closing the Brave app, open your device settings app.

D) Tap General in Settings:

E) Tap on VPN :

F) If you see Brave Firewall + VPN, Tap on the (i). If there is no Brave Firewall + VPN listed, you can exit Settings.

G) If you tapped on the (i), next select Delete:

Once these steps are complete, please re-open the Brave app and tap the ellipses to re-connect the VPN and the profile should successfully install. If you are still not connected, please select Cancel and use the settings tab to contact technical support as shown in the screenshot where you “reset configuration”.

The thing is, I can’t reach step C because the same popup that appears when I try to turn on VPN shows up:

You can start from step D, open iOS settings first and delete the config

Also can you go to iOS settings -> General -> VPN -> Tap on info button in ‘Brave Firewall + VPN’
and tell us what server do you see there?

I don’t see the config for Brave + Firewall at all in my VPN settings. I just decided on manually downloading Guardian, and acquiring the Guardian Firewall/VPN there.

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