VPN & Firewall Sign Up. Not Working + Not Impressed With Lack of Instructions

Just signed up to Brave VPN & Firewall.

Disappointed that there are little to no instructions. Not even an autoresponder email.

No VPN button showing on Browser.

How do I see what email address I signed up to Brave with in the past and how on earth does one contact support to sort this and swap them over so this works. A simple support chat function would work better than this public post.

Failing which how do I get a refund.

I’m on Updating Brave

Version 1.48.171 Chromium: 110.0.5481.177 (Official Build) (x86_64)

Mine worked right off the bat(like how that worked lol). do you have brave vpn checked in settings? maybe check flags too to see if enabled. There is no button just a box in settings right above brave rewards. Just check the box.

OK I did a browser update and voila it’s there. OK thanks lets tick that box off.

Next problem is how do I get my IOS to recognise the 5 device Brave VPN account? It’s asking me to sign up again on mobile within Brave. This should not be so hard.

OK so had to scroll through support posts. Found it. Why so hard?

Instructions sent by email on signup would have been simpler and easier to set up.

get a link sent to email. there is an option to link each account from email. can link 5 accounts. should be a add vpn button at top right of screen to buy it but it gives option to get link there. This has to be done on pc I think. then the link can be opened on each device from email

I agree that would be easier. Hopefully they read this and send suggestion in.

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