I can't connect my Brave vpn with the browser

Please provide us with the following information

Type of device (iPad pro, iPhone 10, etc):

  • Macbook M2 Pro

iOS version ( Settings --> About --> Software Version ):

  • MacOS Ventura 13.4.1

Detailed description of the behavior:

I have subscribed my Brave vpn in my android device, and linked to my MacOS with same email address. Actually I am able to use my vpn in mobile environment. But the problem is that I cannot use the vpn in MacOS. In Brave account page, I can identify my subscription like this image below, however I can’t connect my vpn. I can see Free Trial button only.

I want to know what is my problem in this case, and how can I solve this?

@GuardianTeam Please assist. Thanks so much!

@nwl did you follow instructions at https://support.brave.com/hc/en-us/articles/13405790544653-How-do-I-add-a-new-device-to-an-existing-VPN-subscription-?

Of course. I already linked subscription to
my account. In my Brave account page, I can also see Purchased by Android message.

Okay, yeah, I wasn’t seeing that. And I’m assuming your screenshot is from desktop. Guess the big thing just to reaffirm though is did you click on the Refresh Brave VPN button after logging into the Brave Account on your desktop?

Sorry to double and triple check here, but I used to make assumptions in the past and found it was sometimes these little details that got missed. So just trying to clarify/confirm.

Yes. I logged into Brave account page, clicked the button Refresh Brave Button, and check if my vpn is working by clicking vpn button on browser toolbar. But still stucked.

Same here Its is Jan 2024 and looks like they haven’t fixed the issue did you find a way to fix? I dont want to delete my brave and lose all my bookmarks but did you tryu that yet and did it work?

I ended up deleting the browser and reinstalling but this is not a fix.

EDIT: what i meant by this is not a fix is that while i can now use the VPN the bug is probably still there in the code.