VPN button doesn't work on desk top but works on Android phone

I have installed Brave VPN to my desktop but the button does not activate it. I get the same message about a trial or if I already purchased. When I click on already purchased I go through the confirmation screens until it says confirmed and tells me to click on the VPN button - but nothing has changed. Works fine on my phone. Any suggestions?

Hey. I’ll tag @GuardianTeam and @SaltyBanana to assist. Thanks!

Hello @RWH ,

My apologies for this issue you are experiencing with activating the VPN on your desktop. To try to give it a fresh start, please try to re-link the subscription to your Brave account from your phone.

Open Brave on your phone and navigate to Settings > Brave Firewall + VPN > tap Link purchase to your Brave account.

This should open the Brave browser to account.brave.com for you to login. Please login to your Brave account and then select "connect my subscription now.

Now, move back over to your desktop and re-login to your Brave account. Please try to refresh the Brave VPN once more and try to connect the VPN. Let me know if you continue to run into issues.

I followed your instructions and it led me to the following message:

“Whoops! Something went wrong with linking your account Please contact Brave Support.”

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