Brave Update is generating Google Update Error

Brave update is constantly generating a critical error in Event Viewer relating to Google Update Helper. This is the error:

“Product: Google Update Helper – Error 1316. The specified account already exists”

The source of the error is “MsiInstaller” with an Event ID of “11316”. This error occurs on a regular basis, sometimes hourly other times every 10 minutes.

Although this relationship to Google Update Helper is confusing, I have confirmed that Brave is the cause. I first started receiving these errors the day I installed Brave. I have no Google Update processes running. Once I disabled all Brave services and Scheduled Tasks, the error disappeared.

Is there a fix for this?


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I suppose you’re the same guy from the tenforums? Disabling these, doesn’t that prevent brave from being updated? Would appreciate a fix for this as well.

Yes that was me in TenForums. I believe there is an menu option to check for updates. It would be nice if we received a response from the Brave developers.


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