An error occurred while checking for updates: The updater is currently running. update in a minute to verify again

Description of the issue:

i just updated my browser stable and in nightly and i am encountering an error how can i fix this is there any flag in Brave//:flags that can fix this error

Screenshot of the ad as it appears in Brave



Brave Version( check About Brave):

stable 1.46.153 Brave Nightly 1.48.108

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I always keep a copy of the installation file on my Windows machine in case this happens. The installer will check the Brave servers and install the most recent version of the software. It hasn’t overwriten my current settings and has been the most reliable way to fix the problem for me. Just go to and redownload the file if you deleted it.

I understand you, but this problem has been unresolved for a long time. I disabled my defender antivirus so that it can update correctly but it did not work. I also tried with the browser a long time ago, Google Chrome still has exactly the same problem with Brave so that means it’s a Chromium problem. I’m waiting for a response from the brave engineers about what solution there is to solve this problem.

Cc:@mattches Cc:@saoiray is there any solution regarding this issue?

Just to double check, the versions you’re showing right now are 1.46.153 and 1.48.108? If so, the stable version you’re using is the latest build. The Nightly version however should have updated to v1.49.11 as of today.

Yes, I just updated stable and Brave Nightly yesterday and I just updated Nightly v 1.49.11 and I got the error again but I restarted the browser and it updated automatically. without pressing settings / about brave.


but the next updates will be stable and Nightly will give me the error again so I wanted to know if there is a solution to this problem because this is a headache every day in Nightly and when the stable version comes out I will get the error again so on

@mattches i just updated brave nightly and got another error there was an error checking for updates: the installation failed due to an unspecified error. re-download brave. ( error code 7 : 0x80040902: 8-- system level).


I need to know if there is a solution in this regard with these errors oh any flag that can be enabled Brave://flags please thank you.

I do not have an exact solution for you — it may be that the updater is being blocked by your anti-virus software (if running any) or Windows Defender firewall or some other system protection. However, you have updated the browser(s) to the latest build. So while you may see this error, the updater did effectively work — you’re now using the latest version of both builds.

I will look into it but I suspect this error may simply disappear during the next update.

It would be nice if the error could disappear during the next update and reach the stable version. and investigate it thoroughly what is the cause of the problem of the updates. I’ll be waiting for your answer thanks @mattches

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