Brave Sync is really buggy!

My complete bookmark organization was destroyed by Sync. Single bookmarks are named by folder names…


xBrowserSync works reasonably well - used it to sync between Chrome and Brave without issue.

xBrowserSync is also open source - GitHub page. The Brave team might want to considered incorporating that into Brave rather than rolling their own solution - a working sync solution is critical and contributing to a project that’s already working might save a lot of development time / effort.


Not for me. Since the last update of Brave and the change in the bookmark structure xBrowserSync reports me " Unexpected bookmarks structure" and denies the sync.

That’s really too bad. No functioning sync and breaking functionality with existing sync solutions seem like a horrible idea.

Guessing it was this change in v1.2.41 that broke things. Seemed largely cosmetic to me so not sure why the Brave team chose to do it if it would break things.

Made the decision to move back to Chrome yesterday so maybe I was lucky enough to not receive that update before switching back. Will still use Brave on my phone but desktop is back to Chrome until sync is working. Having a functioning sync solution really is table stakes for a browser - hopefully the Brave team gets it working soon.


So, any update on when this will be fixed? I can’t believe such a desired feature has been on the backburner for almost (if not over) a full year!

Brave told me updating wouldn’t work, so I had to reinstall. Once I reinstalled (really I just installed over my existing install), bookmark sync was re-enabled and f’d up all my bookmarks AGAIN. So frustrating.


Any update here? Feature still not working and it’s crucial for a lot of people.


Just wanted to add my voice here, I’ve been checking in on this every month since early last year. Critical feature.


My bookmarks not syncking too, 3 de vices, 1 pc and two Android. I dont know what to do…

@sriram hi, I had replied a couple of months ago that the sync feature is working and was happy that the issue might have been resolved but today I tried to sync bookmarks between 2 android phones, it did not work. waited for like an hour. still the bookmarks are not synced. the issue has started again?? please help

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Same here with Synch to my iPhone 8 running its latest iOS.

I think we should give some time to sync and the bookmarks to show up. It worked on both my devices without any issue after waiting for some time. thanks.


Have you the sync option on Your laptop, i have it on my Phone but not on my laptop, why ?

It’s explained at this thread: Brave Sync temporarily disabled on Desktop

Oupss sorry
Thanks !

Still no visible progress on sync feature? I’ve tried the latest build with clean chain and from my 1081 bookmarks 899 were synced on Android, after that the bookmarks page just crashes and disappears. For now sync stopped on 899 :slight_smile: Eh…

Brave Team: This thread has been open for a year now. Sync is so bad, you’ve had to temporarily disable it on the desktop browsers.

Why not undo whatever broke functionality with existing sync solutions until you have something that works? Spending a whole year building something when there are free, open source solutions out there really doesn’t make sense. Breaking functionality with existing solutions while you do that makes even less sense.

There may be others but xBrowserSync is one example of something that was working until v1.2.41.

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