Sync chain created but not working


I’ve created a Brave sync chain so my desktop bookmarks sync to the Brave browser on my android phone, but data is not syncing. I chose “sync” on my phone, copied and pasted the text into the correct sync-password-field on my desktop browser (which has all my bookmarks), and got a confirmation that it was correct. Under the “sync” menu on both devices, both devices are listed. I have it set to sync everything on both devices, but it’s been over two weeks, and nothing is syncing. I’m at my wit’s end. Can someone please advise? I would be most grateful!


i have no solution for you, but i’ve been having the same issues!! i’ve been using brave since ≈april 2021, and i have had 2 sync chains (one for personal use, and another for school) pretty much since day 1. both chains worked very smoothly for the first few months, but i started noticing issues sometime around septemberish. nothing will sync across my devices anymore; if i want to sync bookmarks, i have to export and import them with html files, which is manageable, but super frustrating -_- lmk if you find anything out about this!!

STill stumpted. I will certianly let you know if I found out more. Trying to follow your lead, I saved my Brave bookmarks on my Windows 10 computer in html format to a file on my desktop. However, I cannot figure how to import them into Brave on my Adroid phone. Any help would be most welcome!

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