Unable to sync android phone with windows laptop

I’ve already opened an issue on the Sync GitHub but I thought I’d post it here as well for more visibility.

I’ve followed through the steps on this page multiple times already after multiple uninstalls and reinstalls trying to sync my laptop and phone and nothing is working. I’m using the newest Brave beta on my Windows 10 Home laptop and the mobile app on my Galaxy S9.

Several blank devices on the chain showing up on my phone:

No devices but my PC itself showing on the PC, despite using the same chain code on both devices:

The bookmarks haven’t synced at all.

Also note that you cannot remove a device from the chain on mobile, the “Remove this device” button does not work.

Please add an option to export bookmarks on the Android app so I don’t lose everything in case I switch devices and Sync still isn’t working.

Hi @rd8, Welcome to Community!
For the mobile app, what version of Brave are you using?

I’m using Brave 1.10.99 on mobile

Seems like because it’s two different Sync version. The desktop (for Brave v.1.12.x and higher) is already use Sync v2 while Sync v1 is still used for mobile.

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Is there any way I can get Sync V2 on mobile? The Google Play Store is telling me that I’m already using the latest version of Brave

Yes. When Sync v2 released on stable release (for mobile). It’ll eventually available, just not released yet.

It’s available (for you) on desktop because it seems you’re using Brave Beta or other early version. The stable release for desktop is still 1.11.x and Sync v1 still used for this version too.

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Thanks! Do you know if I’ll be able to transfer my bookmarks from Sync V1 to Sync V2? And will Brave Rewards be synced as well?

Hey, you can watch an simple tutorial on youtube and you will find out how to connect your phone with your laptop. I had an similar situation with my iPhone and my Windows laptop. I had to download some files, to make my computer work properly.This is what I don’t like on Windows OS, you have to download best antivirus software, best system optimizer and other things, before you can start working. Happily, it is not hard at all to find the files and documents you need.

Apologies for late response @rd8.

Yes, you should be able to do that. Because when v2 is available, you’ll need to create a new sync chain and sync your browser data again.

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