Brave Subscriptions VPN/Search/LEO

I currently us MAC ecosystem and have Brave on multiple MACs and IOS devices. How do I make sure I’m not subscribed for say, “search” on the MAC and on iOS and am paying twice? Or do I have to pay twice, once for MAC and once for iOS?

@dfroshie I believe each one is only pay once. I do know for a fact that VPN can have up to 5 devices and you just have to connect your accounts based on how you paid for it. If you signed up on your Mac, then you would have done it via and would have to visit that with your iPhone and sign in, at which point it would have a Refresh VPN option and would activate it on the iPhone.

Explicit details can be seen at

The same or similar should be true for any of your Premium services, where you just will need to login to activate.

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