Purchased VPN on browser but cant work out how to add to IOS device - how to add up to 5 devices


i purchased the brave VPN a while back on my PC on the browser version and i cant for the life of me work out how to add the VPN that i have already purchased to the brave app on my IOS iphone 11 pro.

my iphone is up to date software wise and so is the brave app.

i have tried going into settings on the app and under VRP and firewall hitting “restore” but it just pops up with an error asking me to " check payment details with apple" but i purchased on my PC not iphone?

Is there some way to log in on both devices so they connect with each other so my phone realizes that i have already purchased the VPN?



My apologies for any confusion. Please check this help center article for step by step instructions to link your iOS device to your Brave account and then access the VPN service. Feel free to reach out if you still run into any issues.

Thanks for the response.

Yeah so those are the steps I’ve followed from that thread previously the issue is when o log in I don’t have a “refresh brave VPN” button to click? I don’t have that on my desktop version of on the iPhone iOS app either I’ve included a photo showing that button isn’t there.


It looks like you’re landing on the account page via the outlook application. can you please instead copy the login link sent to your email and paste it into the Brave app directly — then check to see if the Refresh button appears.

Thank you

Perfect that worked fine! Thank you

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