Multiple Brave VPN Subscriptions

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iPhone and Linux Ubuntu computer

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iOS 16.3

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I have an iPhone VPN subscription and would like to use it on my computer. It seems like the VPN is now cross platform compatible, so I would prefer to avoid double paying for the Brave VPN

@TJ_K ok? So then use your one subscription for both. or are both articles that talk a bit on how to do it.

Just a FYI, iOS is on 16.4.1 (a) . You may want to work on updating for the best performance and security.

I open brave and get to the VPN settings. I click on Link purchase to your Brave account. I then get an email and I click the link. Then it can’t find an account. Essentially, I am unable to login to

I am able to login using one email address, but it isn’t the email that purchase is under. When I try the email that I use in the Apple store, I click the link in the email and it takes me to the original login page. It then asks me to enter an email and get a link…which is what I just did.

Right, that’s how it logs you in. Every time you go to log into Brave Premium stuff, like Brave VPN, you have to enter the email, they send it, then you click on email to open and log in. It’s annoying, but that’s the login process.

So when you do it on your iOS and Link purchase to your Brave Account it should redirect you to where you’ll log in or perhaps create an account if you didn’t have one.

Then on your Desktop, you’d go to to log in, then go to plans, and activate it. It should show active plan based on how you had linked your iOS to that same account just beforehand.

It doesn’t have to be the email you use on Play Store, at least I don’t think it has to be. However, once you link it to an account with a particular email, I think it’s going to be restricted to it. So if you did this process using the other email address, you should be good.

Hi @TJ_K welcome to Community :wave:

Following up on this thread to check in if you’re still having issues with linking your mobile subscription to

No, it never worked. I’m just waiting until my iPhone subscription expires then I will try to purchase it via my PC and link the accounts. But no it never worked.

Hi @TJ_K thanks for your reply.

Just confirming, when you linked your mobile subscription was it under one email address and you received confirmation that it was successfully linked?
And when you clicked on the VPN button on your browser, you selected ‘Already purchased VPN’ and logged in with that same email address? - You should have seen either in your plans or account the Brave VPN subscription and a prompt to refresh VPN.

Can confirm that it doesn’t matter which email as long your purchase is linked to one email address. And you should use that email address you linked to sign into to refresh your VPN subscription on desktop.