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newest 12-august.2023

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i am trying to use brave+vpn on mac os(macbook) and ios(mobile) as a browser for chatgpt.

the macos version works as expected but the ios app not. i have the followin problems:

when i start the app it doesnt connect me to the payed brave-vpn.
…i can cklick on vpn the settings but the button “Recovery” (in my case its german “Wiederherstellen”) results in a endless loading. :frowning:

at the end of the day i would ike to setup brave as a browser, that i can open up and it connects on startup automaticly to a vpn. so i can use it for chatgpt.

is there a way to setup this on ios?

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Hello @haertner

To use the Brave VPN on your mobile device, you have to first link your subscription to your Brave account so you can have access to the VPN on up to 5 devices.

Have you tried to do this previously? If not, here is an article to guide you with that: