Brave stole nearly 140(one forty) bat of October payout

@Mattches this happened to me too, already raised the ticket last month, same thing they did… told me I’ll get my bat this month but, I’ve not even received this month payment. So, totally 16+ bats were gone for me… which is 6 months of savings… i was totally disappointed and felt deceived by brave, I’ve raised it to brave support again… i hope you help me…
This is my ticket : 157949

@Itis bro, please update here once, if they resolved your problem… Because, i have the same issue as yours… I’m also raised a ticket last month and this month too… lets hope for the best

I have had a lot of problems with brave and have since deleted it on my main computer and switched back to Chrome.
And yes, my only reason for using Brave were Brave rewards. Since they don’t work for me, I’ve switched back.
I still use Brave on my work PC since it is a pain to transfer all the bookmarks from all the profiles, but I’ll switch as soon as I can.
My advice to Brave, if you put something as a bonus or a feature, please make it work first before advertising it.
If it does not work well after 2 years, remove the feature as it might never get fixed and you will use users because of it.

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same here … since unsupported region no connection to uphold and also no payouts. ower only change is “stop” earning and only use brave as an browser without advertising … until the support for region is reconnecting. when we do not stop earning, all BATs will lost over time (i think 3 months?!). So wi dont have brave given the nice present of thousends of bat (all user who lost BATS). it would be pathetic if all users lose their bats just because they can’t call up their earnings >> but… it would then be very good for braveteam :wink:

Think I have same problem? Last 2 months it says “Congrats! Your (August/September) rewards have arrived!” but my balance stays same. I checked my Uphold account, and it shows same balance as Brave (it’s not increasing last 2 months).

Give us a few days because there are some issues Rewards team is working on, which hopefully will push payments through for current payments. If you’re having issues with payments after next week, submit a Support Ticket

Got this info here

Since you haven’t received it for two months I guess you should raise a ticket now itself.

Hi @Itis @Mr.robot, sending you a DM now to resolve. @chakchan please see my reply’s to your other posts. Thank you.

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Sheesh 8 Brave profiles nice farming BAT meanwhile on other countries with multiple profiles Either flagged or the entire country is banned USA number 1. Brave BiAs

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because of these users ,other users suffer ,creating 8 profile and earning 140+ bat whereas most of the users even struggle to get 4+ bat

yeah i barely earn 2-3 bat every month in my one profile while this post seems fishy earning 20 bat on one profile and after earning less bat than they are supposed to get they cry on the forums while cheating the system lol

20 bats is not earned in one month , its of more than 7 months, every month it got rolled over. Before it was easy to earn bat , there were no limits for ads where as now only one ad per hour or 15 minutes something . Is that clear for you with the handle having the name scam…?

why you crying bro? brave is bias towards USA how many regions did they restrict they didnt even explain what was the violations just act that you didnt know that creating multiple profiles on multiple computers is the reason why they banned other countries hope uphold drop this brave lol scam

answer me what is the use of creating multiple accounts rather than cheating the system? What! your entire family uses your “Personal Computer” ? now you are crying because you are experiencing issues and claimed that brave is stealing your bat while you are clearly cheating the system?


How the heck? I’ve been Using Brave on one single computer coming up on 3 years and only ever earned a total of 8 or 9 BATs. Probably would have been closer to 20 BATs if the system wasn’t so deceptive and rickety. But 140? I don’t understand that. By transferring them to a Gemini account it seems to have alleviated a lot of Brave issues (excluding the ones where they simply don’t pay).

hi may i know what might be the issue caused by me not receiving payouts?

Finally, my country is back on the list of countries supported by Uphold. Unfortunately, my joy was short, the wallet address that is on the browser on the notebook has just been flagged, and it was from this browser that over 23 BATs were not payouts to the uphold wallet. Should I take this as a strange coincidence or as a special act? It’s time to say goodbye in a rather unpleasant atmosphere…

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